The ultimate guide to Miami bachelorette parties (2023)

There is nothing betterDestination bachelor partythis Miami. The city offers year-round sunshine and beautiful beaches. There's a vibrant nightclub and bar scene, plenty of culture, and expansive spas for some much-needed relaxation. It's such a popular destination for bachelorette parties that many hotels and restaurants offer packages for groups of women looking to celebrate.

With so many ways to do things, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help, we turned to Cyndi Cramblett, founder of Bachelorette Party Miami. She gave us suggestions on where to stay, what to do and where to eat and drink with her friends in Miami.

meet the expert

Cyndi Cramblett is the founder ofBachelor Party Miami, a company that organizes hen parties in Miami, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

When heading to Miami for your ultimate adventure, pack accordingly. Much of Miami's social life revolves around the beach and pools, so don't forget yoursswimwear(and a hat and sunscreen!). At night people dress up smart, so pack those sundresses and heels to follow the fashion trend. And remember, the city is warm year-round, so dress appropriately (but also bring a sweater for the night sea breezes).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to visit Miami for a bachelorette party?

    Miami is warm and sunny year-round. Although July and August are thosebest months to visitand has fewer crowds, the heat and humidity can be oppressive (which could mean more pool time!).

  • How much does a bachelorette party in Miami cost?

    “The average group travels to Miami for four days, three nights and moreSpend $350 per personfor your activities when you book with BachelorettePartyMiami," says Cramblett.

Read on for the best bachelorette party planning guide in Miami.

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Why you will love Miami

"Almost every bride can find something magical and unforgettable in Miami," admits Cramblett. "Whether she's a laid-back spiritual woman or a party girl, she and her friends are going to have a great time." Because Miami has a lot to offerdifferent activities, There is something for everybody.

  • Beaches.Miami offers beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Nightlife.A playground for the rich and famous, Miami has a vibrant nightlife.

Where to stay in Miami

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Cramblett suggestsPlaya Suras an ideal area to live due to its proximity to all restaurants and bars and the sea. There is no wrong choice between a hotel and an Airbnb. While a hotel offers a more social atmosphere in the lobby and by the pool, the latter offers more privacy as a group and a place for everyone to gather. "Miami offers a wide variety of properties to choose from depending on your party mood and budget," he shares. ."

Those looking for a memorable stay should look no further than one of the city's hotels. There are some fun ones with a lot of character. If you are working on a larger budgetTask, a sexy hotel with daring art, is a good choice. The Gitano Indoor Lounge is a jungle oasis perfect for a large group.

Those on a budget will find a lively pool party scene atsouthwest beachor theArlos Nautilus. Some hotels even have bachelor party packages. insideShelborne Südstrand, For example,bridal showersThose who book the cabana package get premium vodka, tequila, whiskey or gin, a fruit platter, Pellegrino and Red Bull Water.

If you're on a tight budget but still want to stay somewhere fancy, book your trip for July and August, which are Miami's quietest months.

Where to eat in Miami

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Whatever you want, you can probably find it in Miami. From delicious brunch spots to glamorous restaurants and specialty barsCraft-CocktailsThere are many restaurants to choose from during your stay. There are many cafes and restaurants that also focus on juices and healthy foods.

Was tun in miami

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If you wish, you can fill your weekend with a variety of activities. "Miami is a unique place because there are so many things to do," says Cramblett. “We are able to serve groups that adiscreet wellness visit; groups who want to show up and party all day and all night; groups looking to do offbeat deals; and others who want a mix of everything. From art tours to parties, the beach, spa treatments, fine dining and dancing, Miami has it all."

Daytime activities in Miami

Miami is known for its non-stop parties, and there are plenty of options for groups looking to spend the weekend blowing off steam. Many South Beach hotels host pool parties on the weekends, where DJs spin music and drinks are served as early (or as late) as you like. Many bachelor parties like to charter a yacht where they can sip and sip champagnerosaand go to nice places to jump in the water.

While Miami is known for its parties, it also has a solid spa offering, says Cramblett. For example himStandard-SpaIt's a great place for groups of friends who want to sit back and relax in the tropical gardens. The city also offers many fun fitness classes, from pole dancing to rock climbing.

Adventurous groups can head to the depths of the ocean to snorkel at Biscayne National Park or at one of the city's many dive centers. Art lovers will love exploring Wynwood Walls, a museum of graffiti street art.

Things to do in Miami nightlife

In the evening, go to a nightclub where cocktails are served with sparklers. Don't forget to reserve weeks (or months) in advance; This city is full!

How to get around Miami

There are several ways to get around Miami, the easiest is by car. Transportation services like Uber and Lyft are readily available in the city, as are taxis. Public transport is also available. Depending on where you stay in South Beach, the ocean is just a short walk away!

Miami Bachelorette Party Reiseroute

day one

  • Morning:Arrive in Miami.
  • Afternoon: decorate your roomwith personalized balloons, beach chairs with drinks and personalized treats.
  • Abend:Play Sexy Night InParty, where a sex party host guides you through a series of fun and educational games while a sexy butler serves drinks and takes photos.

day two

  • Morning:Take a 1-hour pole dance or yoga class on the beach.
  • Afternoon:Explore Wynwood or embark on a South Beach food and drink tour.
  • Abend:Book a one night limo service with dinner and party drives.

day three

  • Morning:Plan a 1-hour beach photo session.
  • Afternoon:Head out to sea on a 4-hour private yacht.
  • Abend:Dine at one of the city's delicious restaurants and hire a male critic or private dancer for a night of fun.

day four

  • Morning:relax with aWellness Tag.
  • Afternoon:Go home!

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