The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (2023)

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (1)
  • The Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​Spain is the largest sports stadium in Europe.
  • Almost all of the top ten sports stadiums in Europe have hosted major football matches.
  • Some of the largest sports stadiums in Europe have hosted the Olympic Games.

Europeans love their sport. Since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, people in Europe have packed huge stadiums to see major sporting events. Today, the largest sports stadiums in Europe can hold up to almost 100,000 spectators. Most of these venues are regularly used for football as it is the most popular sport in Europe. However, some have also been used for other major sporting events, including the Olympic Games. Here are ten of Europe's largest sports stadiums by capacity.

  1. Camp Nou, Barcelona, ​​Spain -99,354
  2. Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom - 90,000
  3. Croke Park, Dublin, Irland - 82.300
  4. Twickenham Stadium, London, UK - 82,000
  5. Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany - 81.359
  6. Santiago-Bernabé-Stadion, Madrid, Spain - 81,044
  7. Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia - 81,000
  8. Stade de France, Saint Denis, France - 80,698
  9. San Siro (Estadio Giuseppe Meazza), Mailand, Italy – 80,000
  10. Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey - 76,761

1. Camp Nou -99,354

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (2)

The Camp Nou is the largest sports stadium in Europe by capacity. It is located in Barcelona, ​​​​​​the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia. The venue can accommodate up to 99,354 people. It was first built in 1954 and opened three years later. Renovation work on the stadium was carried out in 1995 and 2008. Further renovations, due to be completed in 2022, are underway to increase the stadium's capacity to 105,000. Camp Nou is home to one of Europe's most popular football teams, FC Barcelona. Events that have been hosted at the stadium include five matches from the 1982 FIFA World Cup, the 1992 Summer Olympics, two UEFA Champions League finals and five UEFA Super Cup finals.

2. Wembley-Stadion -90.000

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (3)

Wembley Stadium, with a capacity of 90,000 fans, is located in London, England. The current location is actually a successor to the original stadium of the same name, which was completely demolished in 2003. The new stadium opened in 2007. A distinctive feature of Wembley is its roof, known as the Wembley Archway. It is the longest cantilever roof in the world. Football matches of the English national football team are regularly held at Wembley Stadium. It also hosted the UEFA Champions League finals in 2011 and 2013, as well as the gold medal football match at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

3. Park Croke -82.300

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (4)

Croke Park, the third largest sports stadium in Europe, is located in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and has a capacity of 82,300 fans. The venue has hosted sporting events since the 1880s. Irish football and rugby union teams play their home games at Croke Park. In 1961 the stadium hosted the largest crowd in its history when 90,556 fans watched the Irish football final.

4. Twickenham Stadium – 82,000

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (5)

Located in South West London, Twickenham Stadium is said to be the fourth largest sports stadium in Europe with a capacity of 82,000. The venue opened in 1907. Between 1990 and 2008, the stadium was renovated to increase seating capacity. Unlike other stadiums on this list, Twickenham was not designed for football but for rugby union. Owned by the Rugby Football Union, it hosts England national rugby team matches. The stadium also houses the Rugby World Museum.

5. Parque Sinal Iduna -81,359

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (6)

Signal Iduna Park is located in the city of Dortmund, Germany. It is the country's largest stadium and the fifth largest in Europe with a capacity of 81,365. Like other stadiums on this list, Signal Iduna Park has hosted several major football matches, including matches during the 1974 and 2006 FIFA World Cups and the 2001 UEFA Cup Final. It is home to one of Germany's top football clubs, Borussia. Dortmund.

6. Santiago-Bernabéu-Stadion -81,044

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (7)

The Santiago Barnabéu Stadium in Madrid, the capital of Spain, has a capacity of 81,044 fans, making it the second largest stadium in Spain and the sixth largest in Europe. The place is home to one of the most important football clubs in Europe, Real Madrid. It was built in 1944-47 and renovated twice in 1982 and 2001. The stadium has hosted four UEFA Champions League finals in 1957, 1969, 1980 and 2010. In 1982 it was the venue for matches during the FIFA World Cup. .

7. Luzhniki-Stadion -81.000

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (8)

Welcome to the largest stadium in Russia in the country's capital - Moscow. The Luzhniki Stadium with a capacity of 81,000 spectators was built in 1956 during the Soviet era. It was originally called Central Lenin Stadium but took on its current name in 1992 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1980 the stadium was the venue for the Summer Olympics. It also hosted the 1999 UEFA Cup Final and the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final. In 2018 the stadium hosted the FIFA World Cup.

8. Stade de France -80.698

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (9)

The Stade de France has a capacity of 80,698, making it the largest stadium in France and the 8th largest stadium in Europe. It was built in 1995 but opened in 1998. The venue is home to France's national football and rugby teams. Located a few kilometers north of Paris, the Stade de France hosted the Stade de France's first sporting event, the final of the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

9. San Siro (Estádio Giuseppe Meazza) -80,000

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (10)

The largest stadium in Italy and the ninth largest in Europe is officially known as the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium and is located in the northern city of Milan. The name San Siro designates the Milan district in which it is based. The place is home to two major Italian football clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Built in 1926, the stadium has a capacity of 80,018. San Siro hosted football matches at the 1990 FIFA World Cup and four UEFA Champions League finals in 1965, 1970, 2001 and 2016.

10. Ataturk Olympic Stadium -76,761

The 10 largest sports stadiums in Europe (11)

Named after the founder of modern Turkey, the 10th largest sports stadium in Europe is located in Istanbul. It has a capacity of 76,092. Construction work on the site began in 1999 and was completed in 2002. The stadium was originally built as part of Turkey's bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, but the bid was rejected in favor of China. However, Ataturk Olympic Stadium has hosted football matches of Turkey's top football clubs and also matches of the country's national football team.

Stadium challenges

Europe's largest sports stadiums face common challenges, including controlling the often rowdy football fans who flock to venues. Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, security for the continent's largest sporting arenas has become an even bigger problem than ever. All of the above stadiums would normally have no problem drawing crowds, but the COVID-19 pandemic has left these venues largely empty as sporting events, including many football matches, are played with few or no spectators. . However, as vaccines against COVID-19 become more widely available, it may not be long before crowds fill Europe's largest sports stadiums again.

The 50 largest sports stadiums in Europe

1Camp Nou99,354 (105,000 predicted)BarcelonaSpain1957
2Wembley-Stadion90.000LondonEngland1923 / 2007
3Park Croke82.300DublinIreland1913
4Twickenham Stadium82.000LondonEngland1909
5Signal Iduna Park81.359DormundDeutschland1974
8stadium of france80.698Saint DionysusFrance1998
9San Siro80.000MilanItaly1926
10Ataturk Olympic Stadium76.761IstanbulPeru2001
11Olympic Stadium in Athens75.000AthensGreece1982
13Old Trafford74.994ManchesterEngland1910
14Olympic Stadium74.649BerlinDeutschland1936
15Millennium Stadium74.500CardiffWales1999
sixteenOlympic Stadium70.634RomaItaly1930
17NSC Olimpiysky70.050KyivUkraine2012
18Olympic Stadium69.250MünchenDeutschland1972
19Baku Olympic Stadium68.700BakuAzerbaijan2015
20Wanda Metropolitano67.703mothersSpain2017
22Estadio Murrayfield67.144EdinburghScotland1925
23Estadio Krestovsky67.000St. PetersburgRussia2017
24Stadium of Light64.642LisbonPortugal2003
26Benito Villamarin Stadium60.720SevillaSpain1929
28Celtic Park60.411GlasgowScotland1892
30London Stadium60.000LondonEngland2012
31Emirates Stadium59.867LondonEngland2006
32Lyon Olympic Park59.186LyonFrance2016
33PGE Narodowy58.580WarsawPoland2011
34Saint Nicholas Stadium58.248BariItaly1990
35Seville Olympic Stadium57.619SevillaSpain1999
36People's Park Stadium57.274HamburgDeutschland1953
37Olympic Stadium of the Lluis company56.000BarcelonaSpain1927
38Nationale Arena55.634BucharestRomania2011
39Rajko Mitic Stadium55.538BelgradeSerbia1963
40Silesian Stadium55.211Chorzow/KattowitzPoland1956
43spiritual arena54.600DüsseldorfDeutschland2004
44Vicente Calderon-Stadion54.851mothersSpain1966
45Arena Dinamo Boris Paitschadse54.549TbilisiGeorgia1976
46friends arena54.329StockholmSweden2012
47Hrazdan Stadium54.208JerewanArmenia1971
48a field54.074LiverpoolEngland1884
49Borussia Park54.067MoenchengladbachDeutschland2004


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