7 Airbnb coupons and promo codes February 2023 (2023)

7 Airbnb coupons and promo codes February 2023 (1)

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About Airbnb

Airbnb, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA, operates an online marketplace for renters of private houses, apartments, and villas around the world. The company also offers services such as cleaning and housekeeping. In addition to providing accommodation, Airbnb allows users to find unique travel destinations and experience local culture through curated tours and activities.

Airbnb discount tips

If you've planned a vacation in the last five years, you're probably familiar with the long and often challenging process of finding the perfect place to stay. In many cases, your first step is to search Airbnb for a beautiful home in the city of your choice.

You may have also been very disappointed when your listing mysteriously disappeared days before your trip and the host was nowhere to be found. That may sound extreme, but cities are scrambling to regulate the housing market slump caused by short-term person-to-person rentals through sites like Airbnb.

In many cities, most listings do not comply with local housing laws, and hosts can be subject to heavy penalties if found. You don't want to be in the middle of this. Instead, do your research and find out if Airbnb is legal in your destination before you book.

Which cities are cracking down on Airbnb rentals?

Although Airbnb is not completely prohibited in these places, some cities have strict regulations on Airbnb hosts that reduce the number of listings available. Take a look at some of the most popular travel destinations affected by this legislation.

The Angel

In December 2018, the City Council passed a law stating that Airbnb hosts can only rent their primary residence, defined by law as where they live for more than six months of the year. Stays cannot exceed 120 days, so trying to find an apartment in Los Angeles through Airbnb may not be a good idea. In July 2019, Airbnb became illegal for investors. If you are looking to host Airbnb, LA may not be the place.


In 2016, New York City prohibited non-resident hosts from renting an entire apartment for less than 30 days in a row. Permanent residents of the city can rent for less time, but must be in the house with you during your stay. This is not good for travelers who value privacy. If that sounds like you, try checking out some affordable hotels in New York.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica has some of the strictest short-term rental regulations in the country. They were totally banned for years, but became a bit more accessible in June 2015 when the city began allowing home sharing. The host must be on site during their stay and users must pay an additional 14% temporary occupancy fee on top of the reservation price.

San Francisco

Only full-time residents can rent real estate in San Francisco, and even then there is a maximum lease term of 90 days. Given the large number of transplants and non-residents who own property in San Francisco, few people qualify; as a result, they do not register their rents with the city as required by law. As a result, many of the available rental properties in San Francisco are technically illegal.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has stopped issuing permits for non-residential housing. Like San Francisco, Sin City doesn't have many permanent residents, so this has shut down the vast majority of Airbnb rentals.

You're out of luck if you're looking for a rental with more than three bedrooms or space for 12 or more people. Rental properties cannot be within 200 meters of each other and owners must remain on the property during their stay.

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Paris fines homeowners up to €25,000 if they rent out second homes (those they don't live in). Apartments cannot be rented for more than 120 days at a time with a possible limit of 30 days in the near future.


In response to the sudden influx of rental properties, hosts in Amsterdam are now required to add a city tax to the booking price. Only main units can be rented with the owner on site. Owners may only rent their residence “occasionally” with a maximum of four guests. As of 2019, stays are limited to 30 days.


Barcelona is very strict with Airbnb rentals. After enforcing a host registration rule, the city was able to remove more than 2,500 Airbnb listings that were not properly licensed or violated other housing rules. Vacation rental owners pay the higher rate of property tax normally added to the price of their stay.

What is the difference between an illegal Airbnb and a fraudulent Airbnb?

Illegal and fraudulent Airbnbs are not the same thing, but many of the signs are similar and can have similar consequences for your travels.

A growing number of AirbnbScams have recently surfaced, forcing Airbnb to change its Terms of Service and crack down on hosts who violate the law or their agreement with Airbnb. Before you decide to book this dream apartment on the Lower East Side, take a look at thisto make sure it's real.

A host who uses fake photos, pressures you to book directly via email, or does anything else unusual is likely a host circumventing your city's housing rules. These are good steps to take regardless of the legality of the website in your destination, but you should take extra precautions if you're visiting a highly regulated area.

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